Local Attractions

As a result of its diverse community, Monterey Park is Among the best sites for ethnic Chinese sit-down and fast-food restaurants. Guests can find cooking styles such as Mandarin, Cantonese, Singaporean, and Shanghainese. Also, many restaurants offer Chinese-style “dim sum” or specialities with seafood like crab, shrimp , scallops, and clams. Our guests never have to go far to look for food because there are plenty of places to eat within walking distance of the Hotel.

Centrally located within the San Gabriel Valley, Monterey Park offers a number of opportunities to experience unique dining fare, great shopping, and patronage to numerous special events. Monterey Park is proud to annually host the Chinese Lantern Festival, Cherry Blossom Festival, Cinco de Mayo, Fourth of July, and the Harmony Celebration.

You’ll never be bored at the Lincoln Plaza Hotel–all of these attractions are a mere 35 minutes away or less!

  •  Disneyland
  •  Universal Studios
  •  Hollywood
  •  Beverly Hills
  •  Downtown LA
  •  Long Beach Aquarium
  •  Huntington Library
  •  Malls and Shopping Centers
  •  LAX